Bola Restoration - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  |  2014

Life for youth in low-income neighborhoods of Rio can be tough. Without the funding found in other parts of the country, after-school programs and safe recreational areas for students are the first to suffer – Nike wanted to change that.

Working closely with the team at Nike, we set out to overhaul the exhausted athletic field at Bola Pra Frente – a school in Rio’s Deodoro neighborhood. Fresh premium turf, clean paint, new bleachers; no corners were cut to breathe fresh life into the school’s field.

Reaching out to KajaMan, a local legend in the graffiti-art community, a touch of Rio flavor was added to the walls of the field. Working night and day to fill the barren cement walls with an explosion of color, KajaMan’s artistic efforts culminated in a wall-to-wall mural of smiling, playing children – a representation of the activity sure to take place within the walls of the refurbished soccer pitch in the near future.