Digital Foosball Table

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – a belief held by the team at satis&fy’s R&D labs. A favorite within the company, the Digital Foosball Table takes a futuristic spin on a classic pastime. 

The traditional playing field is completely replaced with LCD displays, and the table is outfitted with multiple speakers and video cameras – one of which films the game from a bird’s eye perspective, throwing the action onto an external display. Blurring the lines between virtual reality and real-life, action on the foosball table is translated into an animated 3D simulation. Once the ball is in play, the 3D animation moves along relative to its real-life counterpart, gliding and cutting across a digital soccer stadium in real time. 

Not leaving any stone unturned, the engineers took special care to ensure an immersive digital experience… right down to the soccer ball leaving traces on the virtual turf!

Video link: