Olga’s Fitness Training

Squatting, lifting, sweating and sprinting… Does this sound like your typical afternoon office routine? It is at satis&fy. Finding time in-between traveling and maintaining a packed schedule to get into the gym regularly is a tough gig – that’s why management at the Portland branch decided to bring the gym into the office.

A funny thing happens every Tuesday and Thursday around 5 o’clock: the otherwise grey carpet of the main office slowly evolves into an expansive mosaic of vibrantly colored foam mats. By 5:30, the office workout is in full swing. Personal trainer Olga Cherevatenko has arrived with her collection of simple, yet extremely effective exercise gear; weights, resistance bands, inflatable balls – it’s all there. With years of experience and multiple certifications, Olga knows her stuff – and her routines reflect it. Pushing through the next hour is nothing short of intense, a statement proven by the flushed faces and heavy breathing filling the room. 

As the clock nears 6:30, an interesting and awesome dynamic has taken place – teammates are encouraging each other to keep fighting and push through the shaky legs and weak arms to finish as a team. And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?