satis&fy's New York Office Opening | 2015

From the NBA All-Star Weekend, to the Jordan Brand Classics, we’ve spent a great deal of time developing and executing events on the East Coast – and quickly accumulating frequent-flyer miles in the process. In the past, all operations on the East Coast have been handled from our Portland office with grace; a challenging task that called for an astounding level of organization, planning, and oftentimes, a hectic travel schedule. As our portfolio of work on the East Coast continued to multiply, we quickly realized that the creation of a new branch, closer to the action, was the only way we could continue to deliver the world-class level of service we’ve always promised our clients, regardless of location.

So, where did we go…?       Brooklyn, New York baby!!!

Conveniently located in the heart of our nation’s busiest city, the NYC satis&fy office is an invaluable asset that will allow us to easily regulate timing, trucking, and the execution of nearby events. With ample office and storage space, loading docks, an in-house carpentry shop, and easy access to event locations in Manhattan, we couldn’t be happier with the new building.

Brooklyn isn’t only a great location for businesses; it’s a great location for people, too. Much like Portland, Brooklyn holds a reputation as an up-and-coming area – a place brimming with social life, nearby housing, and great networking potential. As the official opening date for the new branch draws closer, Managing Director of the NYC office, Nancy Schacht, has been working hard to fill the walls of the new building with brilliant, successful ideas – and piece together an equally brilliant, successful team.

We think she’ll do just fine.

photos by Dorothy Hong