Continuously building and tearing down massive installations poses a risk to sensitive surfaces – specifically our trusses and the floors of venues. After 6 months of serious R&D, our team of engineers developed an in-house solution to these reoccurring problems.

Utilizing a pair of jaws that clamp onto two opposing rods on a truss, the T-CLAW is an innovative truss protector that helps prevent sensitive surfaces from incurring damage and allows the hardware to be hauled across floors without the worry of scratching or scraping up venues. 

From experience, the team at satis&fy knew that transporting stacked trusses is a tough job; that’s why the T-CLAW was designed to allow the hardware to be stacked neatly and securely – taking payload size specifications into consideration and minimizing the gaps between each stacked truss.


Video by satis&fy AG