Nike Free SU15 @NikeTown NY

Modern trends have proven that technology and fitness go together like peanut butter and jelly (or quinoa and black beans, for you real health junkies). 

Nike has found success blurring the lines between digital and real-life time and time again; the integration of apple technology into footwear was a homerun, and the Jordan Pearl Pavilion’s ‘Last Shot’ made major waves in technology and sporting communities alike—that’s why the concept of mixing virtual reality with an authentic fitness experience for the launch of new Nike Free gear at NTNY seemed like a no-brainer.

Shoppers lucky enough to wander into NTNY during the ‘Force of Nature’ event had an opportunity to participate in a mind-blowing running experience they would never forget. We all dream of faraway, exotic places while mindlessly trotting along on our treadmills—but the team at satis&fy took that dream to the next level. After a fitting for a trial pair of Nike FlyKnit 3.0 footwear, participants took their positions on one of five treadmills situated directly in front of a massive, all-encompassing LED wall. Runners waited in anticipation as the countdown on the gargantuan screen neared its finish—what would they see?

The lights dimmed, and the focus was on the runners. For the next hour, the participants were taken through a stunning auditory and visual journey—running through the exotic sights and sounds of Hawaiian jungles and vast deserts in realistic high-definition, all while being cheered on by the audience behind them, and the live running coach in front.

The exciting adventure spanned 8 real-life destinations, all possessing a unique charm and timed perfectly to a pulsating soundtrack that set the runners’ pace. As an event production company with a love for cutting edge technology, we’re ecstatic about the paradigm shift that’s been happening over the last decade, and all the doors it opens for creative design. 

Who would’ve ever thought videogames would get consumers off the couch and into the best shape of their lives?