Nike SB Street League 2015 [Los Angeles - New Jersey - Chicago]

So, what’s up with these shoes? Take a walk through the consumer space we brought to life for Nike SB’s SLS tour and all your questions will be answered.

Nike SB has roots planted firmly in street skating culture. Those who find solace in discovering a perfect handrail or uncontrollable joy from a well-placed ledge are naturally drawn to the brand like a moth to flame—so it was only fitting to showcase the newest line of SB gear in a retail environment that was inspired by the place it all started; the streets.

Don’t let the plain, white exterior of the massive shipping container used to enclose the installation throw you off—there was plenty of eye candy to be found inside. Amid the meticulously designed custom cases and displays, consumers had an opportunity to get a peek at the freshest offerings from Nike SB, including signature footwear from sponsored athletes, P-Rod and Stefan Janoski.

Visitors looking to get in on the action could strap on the latest SB footwear at a nearby fitting and demo zone, or marvel—mouth agape—at the mesmerizing and interactive typographic silhouette projection technology incorporated into the installation.

We can officially check Los Angeles and Newark off our to-do list. Next stop, Chicago.

photography by Noah Webb + Thomas Schacht