TRAIN Chicago

Shattering fitness goals and motivating Chicagoans to reach their physical potential was the name of the game at Nike’s groundbreaking “Train Chicago” program, a six-week event hosted inside an industrial warehouse in Chicago’s West Loop—led by top Nike trainers and a handful of celebrity athletes.

When we came on board to translate the concept of the Train Chicago event into a reality, we knew there were a number of necessary design elements we had to hit out of the park; most importantly, the ability to cleanly and quickly break down the installation for whoever was set to occupy the warehouse space upon the event’s conclusion.

Finding creative solutions to difficult challenges is what we do, and this installation was no different. Taking the space’s limitations into consideration, we opted to affix all branding to the brick walls using a rather unorthodox method—wheatpaste. Further adding to the promise of a quick and clean teardown, our team developed a vibrant, removable paint on-site: a creative concoction of crushed chalk and water.

Live artists and DJs within the space regularly showcased an eclectic collection of skill—providing an inspiring, fresh experience for all in attendance. Custom flooring, premium turf, top-of-the-line fitness equipment, and fully functional locker rooms were also installed to take guests’ fitness adventure to the next level.