Nike Factory Store - Kansas City

Nike’s new retail space at the historic Country Club Plaza in Kansas City has two distinct goals: blur the lines between brick + mortar and online shopping experiences, and celebrate the vibrant, sport-obsessed, local community.

Tasked to deliver displays and dimensional signage to the groundbreaking location, a team of satis&fy’s best, banded together to fabricate an installation worthy of the KC Royals’ celebrated tagline: “JUST THAT GOOD.”

Brilliantly glowing with the Royals signature blue hue—powered by a neatly hidden internal battery—the initiative zone’s mannequin display pedestal entombed 49 white baseballs inside an acrylic casing. Flanking the pedestal, a pair of upright dimensional displays, clad in the faux-cement vinyl aesthetic found throughout the installation and outfitted with LED backlit acrylic logos of both Nike and the KC Royals.

Within the primary window display, our specialists crafted vinyl-wrapped dimensional frames, engineered to border powerful imagery from the Royals stadium, again utilizing the power of vinyl to bring the “JUST THAT GOOD” tagline to life. Incorporating nearly 600 foam baseballs, the installation’s secondary window was a meticulously constructed nod to the KC Royals, their beloved logo, and the city behind it.

Photography by Jake Forsey  |  Copy by Joshua Soto