Welcoming one of our newest employees: Gonca McGuffin


My name is Gonca McGuffin! I was born and raised in Hanover/Germany and have a Turkish ancestry.

It has been almost two years now since I moved to the US, and I have really fell in love with Oregon! The first time I came over to here, was in 2011 as an Au-pair and this is basically how I got stuck over here ;) During my time as an Au-pair I met my now husband. Back than I needed to go back to Germany to study and we started a long-distance relationship. Once back for good, I was looking for German based companies. After my first US job, in Vancouver, WA, which was a hell of a commute, I found satis&fy. I really apricate working with Venne (the COO) and seeing all the projects come to life! 


Where are you from?

Over the hills and far away


What is your special talent?

To keep things organized as the Executive Assistant to the COO.


What is one word that you would use to describe your team?



What do you do with your free-time?

Camping, reading books, quads, cooking, going on long walks, watching fixer upper, and the list goes on...


Do you have any strange phobias?

After watching a scary movie and going to bed, I don’t like to have my feet outside the blanket, even on a hot day! (Yes, my blanket turns into a safety blanket.)


#2 pencil or ball point pen?

I like the BIC round stic which is 74% recycled! I feel like it makes me write cleaner.