satis&fy USA Launches Accredited Internship Program in NYC Savannah College of Art + Design student Imani Alethia Walker joins Brooklyn scenic team this summer

satis&fy’s commitment to giving back through educational and training experiences, continues to evolve and grow! With an incredibly successful and long-standing trainee program in the European offices - 2017 marks the fourth year of internships in the US, and the first year of the accredited program in the Brooklyn office. Thanks to the inspiration and guidance from Tobi, Joe and Sarah (just a few of our amazing Brooklyn team members) – the LLC was able to provide a unique internship experience for Imani, and launch the internship program in the NY office.

Imani is easily defined as an exceptional student and one with a very clear vision as it relates to her learning endeavors. She has studied abroad (Hong Kong, France) as part of her education thus far – so her interest in satis&fy’s global work was even more relevant as she investigated her opportunities for a summer internship.

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New York is my home, my inspiration, and my motivation. New York City is one of the most celebrated architecture and design cities in the world. There, my love for design embraced me. There, my love for design sparked. There, my love for design was born. This is why I wanted to apply to the internship position in Brooklyn this summer.

 Brooklyn is where the term “sneaker head” was coined. Young Brooklynites were groomed to be sneaker heads. In my youth, my sneakers were either Jordan’s or Nike’s. The most painful part about being a sneaker head, when I was younger, was actually going to shoe stores to get the sneakers. I never wanted to go into shoe stores because their seats were horrible, their carpet was depressing, and their lights were blinding. Carpet and seating selections are surface touches that visually and physically can affect the user. Designers can forget to design the lighting experience during the schematic phase, therefore leaving the retail space unwelcoming. Lighting in a retail environment is a very important element because it encourages the user to spend time in the store and buy products. In satis&fy retail store installs, every moment is electrifying. The visual experience of the Mercurial install, captured the fast motif from the color palette, to the lighting selection, all the way down to the material of the floor. The skill of bringing the ambience of a concept into a space creatively and effectively is a skill-set I crave to master. I have the tools needed to display motifs such as Revit, Sketch Up, and AutoCad, but to gain the knowledge from an experienced team like satis&fy would be a remarkable opportunity. As an interior design student, I believe that it is our job not only to shape the space but the users’ experience. Impressed by the unique visual language created in your interiors, I decided I would love to intern with your team.

I am an Interior Design student. My minor is furniture design, which allows me to use my hands to create and build. I love hands-on work and in the first few days here at satis&sy have gotten the chance to be hands-on. I chose to intern at satis&fy because of the work that this office does with Nike. My favorite projects come from Nike Town and the SOHO Nike store. I love how satis&fy makes designs come alive. At first I thought satis&fy was an interior design firm. The more I read on the work that this firm does I knew we were in the same design world. I knew that if I was an intern, I could and would learn a lot. As an inspiring retail and hospitality designer, satis&fy's work makes me happy because the work is amazing. Anything building arts related is my passion, but a less career driven passion of mine is ice cream. Like the building arts, ice cream is a language appreciated by the world. My main things that I am interested in learning while with satis&fy is how the business world and the design world coincide, professionalism and problem solving with clients as a factor. Other things I would like to learn about is about materials, lighting, and team leading. 

In my first few days I have learned about communication. Communication is a major part of the work that satis&fy does. Factors such as time zones, clients, vendors, job sites, and obstacles make excellent communication skills a must in this business. It's not just the punctuality, it’s the language (German or English), the tone, and the delivery. I have also learned about the skill set of problem solving. I have watched problems calmly get combed out and have even helped in problem solving. I have been able to be a part of a build-out at Terminal 23. This experience was amazing and I learned a lot. 


For more information about the satis&fy NY Internship Program, please contact Gayle Ritt at