We are in our last week of our LIFT event here at the Portland, Oregon office. Showcasing a new audio technology to the professional community and our clients; to show how audio can enhance the customer experience. We have collaborated with Parallel, a local environmental sound design firm, and Holoplot, a Berlin based company that developed the hardware and software for the system. Holoplot’s technology is a new audio system that works with planar waves that can direct different sound sources within a given environment/room.

We created spots where you hear one thing that cannot be heard a meter away, along with background music playing in different zones. A shoe equipped with a motion sensor triggers certain sound signals that explain the technology while you twist and turn it. There is a treadmill where you are immersed in the sounds of running through a forest while you are standing on it. There are endless possibilities for this collaboration and technology moving forward, and so far, all our visitors have been inspired and impressed. Besides the new audio technology, we also are showcasing what you can achieve with proper lighting in retail environments, and the tech team has several demos of new technologies such as the latest VR gadgets that they brought back from CES.

If you would like to schedule a tour of the space, please contact gayleritt@satis-fy.com

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.