To kick off the 2018/19 NBA season, Satis&fy partnered with House of Hoops (Nike + Foot Locker) to create Courtside, a retail and customization pop-up tour centered around the sport, style and storytelling of basketball. The first iteration of Courtside debuted in Los Angeles for Lebron James’ first game with the LA Lakers in October 2018.

The direction from the client was to create a consumer-friendly experience comprised of several cubes that would “unfold” to reveal unique retail and storytelling spaces. From the beginning, we were up against a very short production timeline (3 weeks) to get everything engineered, constructed, and finished in time for transport.Through several rounds of design and budget discussions, the cubes started coming to life. Each cube measured 8ft square and was fabricated to include: steel substructure, wood framing, LED lighting, integrated peg-walls with display hardware, custom graphic and branding assets, and ADA accessible ramps.  By the time the project was ready for installation, we had fabricated 6 full cubes, coordinated the onsite construction and programming of a 7th cube wrapped with LED video tiles, outfitted a shipping container for onsite product storage, and built temporary DJ and cash wrap structures. All told, it took (2) specialty 53’ curtain side trailers, (1) 40’ step trailer, (1) hard side 53’ trailer, and (1) 26’ shop truck to transport all of the components for this activation to site. In addition to the aforementioned vehicles required to transport the components, we used (1) oversized heavy-duty forklift to move the shipping container into place and (2) medium-duty forklifts to place the cubes and bases.

Installation provided another set of challenges since it took place in a very high traffic area of Downtown Los Angeles. With extensive coordination with the City of LA, local Union labor, and venue management (LA Live), we were able to limit street closure and have Courtside installed in 2 days. Since there was so little time to fabricate these items before they were live, we weren’t able to extensively test all of the cube components prior to installation. This put us in the unique position to do a “live prototype” where we could see how consumers interacted with each piece, how materials held up to environmental factors, what challenges arose that were not initially considered, and any superfluous elements that were not required for the success of the event.

Following a successful installation, Courtside was ready for action. On the first day of the event there were people lined up around the barricade hours before it was to open.The line grew all day with eager sneaker heads and consumers asking anyone who was around, what was going on in the space, and how long it would be open. When DJ Brett Hartt started up his set, people who were just passing by, joined the line which eventually wrapped around the block.

Once the gates were open and the staff began to let the crowd in, the entire space was buzzing. People floated from cube to cube laughing and taking pictures, staff and customers were dancing to the DJ, and the shoe customization area was packed. People continued to gather around the barriers to watch the commotion as the night grew dark and the lights form the LED cube lit up the area with a glow of alternating colors.

Over the course of the 3 days the activation was open to the public, thousands of people went through the experience. Countless pairs of shoes were customized and several products sold out entirely. In the end the client was elated and we were proud of such an unsual style of build, especially in such a short timeline. We have since reused some of the House of Hoops cubes for other events including the Concord Classic in Chicago and All Star Weekend 2019 in Charlotte. (link to ASW-HOH).

Client \\ House of Hoops (Foot Locker + Nike

Photography \\ Victory 

Customization and Programming \\ MKTG

Location \\ Microsoft Square

Designer \\ Sean Pearson Ruf Project

Live artist \\ James Haunt

Live DJ \\ Brett Hartt