The Freeport High School Mural was completed on May 9th by a Maine company called Better Letter Hand Painted Signs. Tessa, the owner of BLHPS, also runs the Portland Mural Initiative, which aims to bring contemporary art into the public spaces of Portland, Maine and its surrounding areas. The track and mural were paid in part by Nike and dedicated to Joan Benoit Samuelson. Joan wont gold medal in the full marathon race at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, the first time the marathon was in the Olympics for women. Joan lives in Freeport, Maine and grew up in Cape Elizabeth. We were excited to partner with Tessa and her company because of their involvement in beautifying Maine with art and their community involvement.

Additionally, due to the variability of Spring weather in the northeast, it was great having her team be able to jump on and off the mural in between their other projects when the weather allowed. The school was extremely helpful with the project giving up indoor storage space for the paint and materials. During the community day on Saturday, May 5th, which Joan attended, we had about 30 community volunteers, both children and adults, come out to help paint. The mural was made as a “paint by numbers” so that any skill level could jump in to paint. The amount completed over the course of the day was staggering.

Thank you to all involved and for this great opportunity to contribute to the community.