Last month, Rosie Lee Creative Agency reached out to our New York branch to partner on a project for Ketel One. Earlier that month, Ketel One debuted their new Botanicals line which is low in calories, has no carbs, and will strike home with the health- conscious consumer. The event featured a yoga class, followed by a cocktail hour, to enjoy the new line of vodka. 

Hosted at the 620 Loft & Garden in Roc Center, satis&fy worked closely with Rosie Lee to meet the designated budget, hit deadlines, and bring the design to life. Our team was tasked with producing all scenic elements, technical production, and gifting. The majority of scenic items were created in house and satis&fy worked closely with partner vendors to execute the additional elements, such as the stunning installation of ferns, fruit, and flowers by B Floral.

The final result was a successful influencer event that drove social engagement and generated buzz for Ketel One’s new product. 


Photos by Thomas Mitchell