The goal of this project was to execute an event space for Super Bowl LIII through collaboration with Nike and the design agency We Should Do It All. This multi-functional space was designed to celebrate Atlanta's rich history in music, entertainment, and sports, while engaging visitors in the creative process through panel discussions, workshops, and performances.

We converted the parking garage of the West Side Cultural Arts Center into a fully functional gym space to host young athletes from several Atlanta area schools. Over the course of 2 days, high school players came to work with Nike trainers who ran them through drills and workouts to add into their regular training routine.

Meanwhile, inside the Arts Center, we constructed an brand space designed by Nike creative and WSDIA. Where there once was a dance floor with a bar, we created an auditorium with a stage for panel discussions and live performances. Around the room were custom fabricated and styled niches highlighting many of Atlanta’s influences on the world of sports and culture. For example, one niche was covered with pink fur and speaker cones paying homage to Outkast and the influence they had on the Atlanta music scene. Another was covered with wheat and featured spot lights, live camera feed and a screen to watch the feed on, paying homage to Atlanta’s current claim as the “Hollywood of the South”.

In what was typically a gallery space for the Arts Center, we created two separate experience areas for consumers. The first, being a replica of a photography studio by local photographer Cam Kirk, replicated down to the last toy and coffee table book. In addition to capturing photography, Cam and other creatives gave talks focused on personal experiences that informed their work.

The second area was for customization. Lot, Stock, and Barrell set up shop in a pop-up workshop space where they worked with consumers to create one-of-a-kind garments. Local retailer and Nike partner A Ma Maniere designed limited addition artwork used to customize jerseys.

In a private room just off the gallery space, we set up a YouTube studio. Featuring a green screen and editing bays. This space was meant to act as a classroom focused on building compelling content through video. In the corridor connecting the gallery space to the auditorium, we installed an array of 10 monitors. The screens changed throughout the event from unified branded content, live streams from the gym space, photographs from the previous days events, and a calendar of the current days events.

The final step was to paint the exterior walls black, creating a blank slate. On the long side of the building, Nike branding elements “DREAMS ARE MADE HERE” and the Super Bowl LIII logo were added to identify the building. On the short side, a local artist created a piece reflecting the idea of sport being a conduit for fulfilling your craziest dreams. Over the course of the 7 days of events, the space hosted thousands of consumers, hundreds of high school athletes, many local artists, muscians, and influencers, a handful of sports figures, and one Grammy nominated performer – 21 Savage. When it came time for teardown, it was clear that the space had lived up to it’s mission: “DREAMS ARE MADE HERE”.

Creative Direction: Nike Brand Design NA

Creative Direction and Design: We Should Do It All

Fabrication and Construction: satis&fy, llc

Event Production and Management: MKTG 

Customization: Lot, Stock, and Barrel

Exterior branding muralist: Buckhead Murals

Photography by Mo Daoud 

Event Photography by Fred Daniels

‘The First Nike’ Marble Sculpture: Alasdair Thomson