Ambitious, tirelessly immersive, and unrivaled in size and scope — Nike's recent five-story retail experience in New York City's Soho neighborhood packs the best of the brand's personalized services under one roof.

Designed to "elevate every athlete's potential" through myriad one-of-a-kind, engaging Trial Zones and service destinations, "[Nike Soho] is more than just a store — it's a personal experience," explains Nike's President of Global Direct to Consumer, Heidi O'Neill.

It's a fact: Nike's new Soho retail space is a groundbreaking, seamless fusion of digital and physical platforms — and it's unlike anything we've ever seen.

From the Nike+ Basketball Trial Zone — outfitted with an adjustable hoop, 23-foot ceilings, and the immersive sights and sounds of the iconic Dyckman and Brooklyn Bridge Parks (delivered via looming HD screens) — to the virtual Running Trial Zone experience (a scaled-down version of the technology used in Nike's US Track and Field Trials consumer space), it's easy to get lost in the hands-on atmosphere of Soho, and even easier to spend hours exploring every meticulously curated floor inch-by-inch.

Diehard shoeheads and collectors rejoice — Nike hasn't left you out of the equation. The Soho location is home to an entire Jordan-dedicated space, the largest dual-gender footwear wall worldwide, and is set to function as the launchpad of many exclusive releases.

At satis&fy, we're honored to have been brought on board to bring this creative vision into a reality, and can't wait for you to see what we've helped accomplish. 

Click here to head over to Nike's blog and learn more about Nike Soho.


(photos courtesy of and Thomas Schacht)