March Madness Lounge - Nike WHQ, Beaverton, OR  |  2015

On par with political debate, or an argument regarding the origin of humankind – nothing sparks the competitive nature of Americans quite like the discussion of a March Madness bracket. As passionate as we all are about athletics, there is a group of individuals that arguably eat, sleep and breathe sports – the team at Nike. When asked to create a March Madness Lounge for the staff at the Nike WHQ, we knew it had to reflect their passion for the tournament.

A massive 98’’ flat-screen, flanked by a pair of 84’’ screens allowed Nike employees to catch live games from anywhere in area. Custom basketball-themed furniture was designed to set the tone for the lounge, including fully functional bleachers and barista tables that drew inspiration from the pattern of a basketball net. Various mannequins throughout the lounge showcased the latest in Nike Basketball apparel, the same gear that could be seen on the feet and backs of the competing athletes – a nod to the company’s involvement and influence on the world of college sports.

If you guessed the monster LCD screens were the focal point of the installation, you’d be wrong. And what could possibly captivate sports fans like a 98’’ screen, you ask? Simple – a refurbished and completely customized old-school NBA Jam arcade machine.