4k Projection Mapping - Karben, Germany | Mar 2014

Making a splash at the Prolight + Sound Expo and writing history at the same time, the team at satis&fy pushed the limits of projection mapping– displaying an uncompressed 4k image at 60FPS onto the facade of its headquarters in Karben, Germany. With vendors, clients and business partners in attendance, the spacious paved courtyard fell silent as sheer awe and amazement swept over the audience.

Utilizing a pair of cutting-edge Barco Beta HDQ 4k35 projectors mounted on a semi-trailer across from the main building, the walls appeared to pulsate and evolve to the beat of an epic electronic soundtrack. Shattering the expectations of the audience and showcasing the sheer visual force of the Barco prototypes, a new standard was set in the world of premium projection technology.


video by satis&fy AG