Some would call it an open house — we decided to call it satis360.

Opening the doors to our new location on January 26th, we welcomed clients, vendors, family, friends, and the community to a showcase of the innovative creations that define our brand. This wasn’t simply an open house; it was an experiential journey — a hands-on soiree that invited guests to dive headfirst into the creative visions that drive us.

Keeping true to the event’s name, our room-by-room exhibition highlighted our team’s wide spectrum of in-house capabilities and expertise — jam-packed with leading-edge technical and scenic production installations.

Highlights included mockup retail spaces, complete with augmented reality delivered via iPad, Planar transparent touchscreen integration, and VR technology; a selection of our finest immersive lighting and LED technology — including the satis&fy/LG Intellifridge, 8K mosaic monitors, LG Ultra-Stretch and Microsoft Kinect Interactive screens, in-house crafted infinity mirrors, and futuristic LED fabric; a miniature recreation of our groundbreaking 4k projection mapping in Karben, Germany; and various examples our in-house vinyl capabilities, CNC production, and scenic expertise. And we can’t forget to mention the crowd favorite — a bespoke mini-golf course, complete with motion sensing LED technology.

We can’t express our gratitude enough to everyone who dropped by to spend the afternoon with us — and to the crew, partners, and visionaries who made this event a success. Without you, it simply wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you for making it a day to remember. We had a blast.

photos by Misha Ashton-Moore  |  video by Joshua Soto


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