D y s o n   s t o r e   b u i l d s

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In 2017, Dyson partnered with satis&fy to install over a hundred of long-term fixed furniture and retail elements throughout 4 stores in the United States and Canada.  This was our first time working with Dyson and satis&fy has built an incredible relationship with them. They know us as a company they can rely on to provide the highest quality fixtures, pivot with any change and do it all with a strong and knowledgeable team to support them. James Dyson, the founder and chief engineer visited the Fifth Avenue store in New York before the opening. He later sent a message to the Dyson team that satis&fy had been working with, speaking very highly of the store and specifically mentioning that all the fixed furniture was “executed perfectly”. Something he does not say often. All involved should feel very proud in the success of this project.

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photographs, courtesy of Dyson