satis&fy’s global commitment to support higher education and hands-on learning is now part of our US operations. With a full-force training program in the European offices, the company prioritized establishing a similar program in the US.  Sharing the knowledge of our global team of experts and our top-level equipment and resources - is our way of giving back—an important element in our company’s value system.  Currently, the Portland satis&fy office works with interested students aged 14 and up - in many ways including our Internship ProgramSummer Camp, and through Experiential Learning Opportunities and the School to Career Program.

Currently, the Portland satis&fy office works with interested students in many ways including: internships, summer camp, and the School to Work program.

  • Our Internship Program is open to all enrolled vocational school, university students and recent graduates - 18 years and above  - placing an emphasis on mentoring and working alongside the team for hands-on experience. The program is a 9-12 week - full-time, non-paid program (credit awarded where applicable). For more information, click here!
  • Summer Camp is a week-long intensive introduction to the world of event management and production and an inside look at daily satis&fy operations. Open to students 14 years and above.
  • The Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce + Hillsboro Public Schools’ School to Career program and Experiential Learning Opportunities pair interested local high school students with relevant local businesses. satis&fy also continues to host school classes and community youth organizations for facility tours.

satis&fy's vision to educate and inspire students and our future generation remains at the forefront. For more information about any of these programs please contact  To apply, please send letter of interest with resume / CV to Gayle and click here and fill out the form to let us know you’re interested.



SUMMER 2018 INTERNSHIPS - Portland, OR Branch  OPEN

SUMMER 2018 INTERNSHIPS - Brooklyn, NY Branch  OPEN

WINTER 2018 INTERNSHIPS - Portland, OR Branch  OPEN

WINTER 2018 INTERNSHIPS - Brooklyn, NY Branch  OPEN

SPRING 2019 INTERNSHIPS - Portland, OR Branch  OPEN

SPRING 2019 INTERNSHIPS - Brooklyn, NY Branch  OPEN