N I K E   F U E L   B A N D   T R U C K 

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If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Nike’s Fuel Band truck back in 2013, you already know how cool of a concept it was—if not, prepare to be impressed. A standard Isuzu Reach Van served as the skeleton for Nike’s ambitious Fuel Band project, a slick marketing move that would tie the design ethos of the new fitness technology to the convenience of a mobile retail zone.


To capture the aesthetic of the Fuel Band, satis&fy engineers had to work some magic. By combining a bit of drilling with a collection of LEDs, a rather convincing Fuel Band "screen" came to life as the vehicle was vinyl wrapped in Nike’s iconic color scheme.

Taking the concept of convenience to the next level, the truck was outfitted with an automated retail system—allowing consumers to purchase Fuel Band gear from a high-end vending machine mounted on the side of the vehicle.