& INNOVATION SUMMIT

    -   N i k e W H Q  B e a v e r t o n,  O R   |   2 0 1 3  -

Evoking the feel of an open museum space or art gallery, the Nature Amplified Design & Innovation Summit space communicated Nike’s new design ethos of FIT, FLEX & MOVEMENT. The venue was transformed into a labyrinth of organic shapes and material, including a walk-through tunnel composed of different real-life ground environments, such as grass and bark.


Focusing on central themes of “art vs. science,” an interactive installation allowed visitors to be transformed into “knit statues” before their very own eyes. After stepping in front of a series of custom-engineered cameras, the silhouettes and movements of consumers were digitally translated into eye-catching sculptures of FlyKnit thread.

A floor-to-ceiling art installation, entitled “God’s Eye,” was the visual centerpiece of the space. 360 neon threads were employed to construct a spiral of fabric—a creation reminiscent of spinning thread. Attached to the spiral were 25 pairs of Free FlyKnit shoes, artfully twisted and angled to complete the breathtaking installation.


photography by Misha Ashton-Moore