N I K E   S O H O  -   S T O R E   B U I L D  

                    -  N e w   Y o r k,  N Y  -  U S A    2 0 1 6-


Shopping was yesterday – experiencing is tomorrow. Nike once again changes the game, sprinting into new realms of sports retail with the launch of its groundbreaking five-story, 55,000-square-foot retail space in SoHo. Undoubtedly a store of the future, Nike set the standard for all interactive retail installations to follow with an intoxicating array of technology infused experiential Trail Zones focused on maximizing consumers’ performance, while simultaneously offering an unparalleled level of personalized shopping experience.


Upon approaching the store, visitors are immediately greeted by high-tech accents: glimmering LEDs imparting movement on the building’s façade and the underside of the first floor’s escalator, foreshadowing the immersive digital content to be found inside the giant’s walls. 

Taking cues from the successful VR technology behind Jordan’s “Last Shot” experience back in 2015, the brilliant minds at Nike repackaged the experiential trial zone into a bite-sized, retail-focused rendition. Complete with a Kinect sensor-integrated half court to capture and analyze personal performance, the Nike+ Basketball Trial Zone instantly transports consumers to iconic NYC playgrounds – courtesy of the massive displays adorning the walls.

Nike Running aficionados were not left out of the equation; athletes at the new SoHo footprint are offered the opportunity to put new Nike footwear through its paces atop a digitally-infused treadmill – an experience only previously seen during Nike’s “Forces of Nature” event at NTNY and the 2016 Olympic Track and Field Trials; we were lucky enough to support Nike on both of these projects. Runners are treated to real-time performance data while blazing through trails in iconic Central Park.


Beneath a series of intricate 3D-printed mannequins – seemingly suspended in time – the Nike+ Soccer Trial Zone plays host to 400-square-feet of synthetic turf, and a series of one-on-one training sessions with in-store professionals. Keeping true to their mission statement, Nike helps athletes step up their game by saving individual training results from each session.

An installation of this magnitude calls for the best team in the business – and we were there to answer the call. With teams from four international satis&fy branches, 10-30 crew members on site daily, and a month of hard work – we’d couldn’t be more proud of the result.

photography by Dorothy Hong