N I K E   S B  -  S T R E E T   L E A G U E

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It’s no secret that our team loved working with Nike SB on the Street League Skateboarding tour in 2013, and this year was no different. A new year called for fresh ideas—so we pulled out all the stops and pieced together an impressive, highly mobile retail space that blended an industrial aesthetic with a premium, engaging, and interactive experience for skateboarding fans.

Utilizing two massive shipping containers as a foundation, our team designed both a showcase and a consumer environment that could be set up or broken down for travel at the drop of a hat. Within the space, consumers were treated to an experience that allowed them to test the latest Nike SB footwear in a miniature skatepark, check out some cutting-edge SB tech, or pick up some gear from the pop-up shop.


photography by Noah Webb