O L Y M P I C S  -  L U N A R   E P I C

- N i k e   T o w n,  N e w   Y o r k,  N Y |   2 0 1 6 -

Inspiring athletes to push their game to the next level, our latest installation at NikeTown NY embodied Nike’s “UNLIMITED” ethos on all fronts. A showcase of the brand’s latest innovative footwear, the installation called upon a 30-person satis&fy crew—over the course of 5 nights—to deliver a dazzling visual message that gave a nod to the world’s top Olympians and the sports they dominate.


Seizing the opportunity to craft an attention-demanding centerpiece, our specialists put their skills to the test, giving way to a hulking 20’ wide by 40’ tall LED wall and a series of chromed hanging mannequins, suspended in action and ascending 4 levels of the retail space’s refreshed sleek, metallic interior. Breaking the futuristic apparel’s design down to a science, custom lightboxes highlighted the technical specifications of the groundbreaking footwear, loaded with exploded models and conceptual diagrams—a perfect addition to the build’s otherworldly, mirrored display pedestals and carefully curated ambiance.



photography by Dorothy Hong