N I K E   S B   G A R A G E

-  B r o o k l y n ,  N Y - U S A  |  2 0 1 6 -

New York winters are notorious for being tough—especially for the thousands of skateboarders forced to trade in their decks for umbrellas during the frigid, damp season. Looking to change the game, Nike SB called upon a New York-based satis team, LAND-SEE, and renowned skatepark designers, California Skateparks, to help athletes escape the winter.


Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the reclaimed warehouse space was transformed into fully SB-branded skatepark, designed to accommodate a series of Nike athlete-led skate sessions, show off current product lines, and provide an unparalleled indoor skate experience. Complete with full AV functionality, multiple furnished rooms, revamped plumbing, and an overhaul of the electrical infrastructure, the reconstruction of the warehouse resulted in a nearly unrecognizable, premium consumer space that drew attention from media and skateboarding devotees around the world.

photography by Dorothy Hong