T H E R M A-S P H E R E / H Y P E R W A R M  

   -  N i k e   T o w n   N e w   Y o r k ,   N Y C   -   U S A   |   2 0 1 5-


We welcomed Nike’s fresh line of Pro gear with a high-contrast, two-part installation inside NTNY that represented the innovative, heat-regulating technology found within the athletic apparel.

In order to keep true to the new line’s ethos of "superior movement in all conditions," we ensured that the installation’s initial "Therma-Sphere Max" aesthetic referenced warmth and included design elements based on the body heat.


To tie the installation together, satis&fy engineers developed a unique, interactive feat of engineering that provided visitors with an unforgettable experience within the retail area—a modified Kinect controller that tracked visitors’ thermal image and displayed it across a series of massive, frameless LED screens mounted on the walls.

However, Nike’s Pro line isn’t simply about keeping you warm while braving the elements—it’s about utilizing multifaceted technology that evolves and adapts with your body’s temperature to keep you comfortable and cool while working up a sweat. Our update to the existing Therma-Sphere Max installation inside NTNY was designed with a specific goal in mind: visually represent the dynamic qualities of the innovative sportswear line.

We took a departure from the warm colors and motifs used in the previous weeks and welcomed Nike’s Hyperwarm line in the coolest way possible—an overhaul of the existing installation’s background with a custom ice block facade and a new spin on the vibrant lighting to completely change the mood of the space.



Photos by Dorothy Hong + Thomas Schacht