V A P O R   T E A M  K I T   -   O L Y M P I C S 

   -  N i k e   T o w n ,   N e w   Y o r k   U S A   |   2 0 1 6 -


“We Can,” “We Will,” “We Are,” “One Nation,” and “One Team,” these are the phrases that adorn Nike’s new USA Vapor Kit—the official uniform of the U.S. Men and Women’s Soccer teams that will grace the field during major competitions and at the Rio Olympics in 2016.



Taking the opportunity to work with the team at Nike inside the familiar NTNY location, we launched an installation that would aim to both showcase and reveal the patriotic gear in a spectacular fashion. With a design heavy on mirrored surfaces, striking lighting solutions, and hefty video integration—it’s safe to say our squad came together to orchestrate a gold medal-worthy performance.

photography by Dorothy Hong