N I K E   A F 1-  P O P   U P  S H O P

                   -  N e w  Y o r k,   N Y   -   U S A   |   2 0 1 4  -

Fluorescent lights, neon basketball backboards, and a chromed basketball structure centerpiece were the elements that brought the Nike AF-1 Pop Up Shop to life. Functioning as both a retail space and VIP reception environment, the jaw-dropping venue blurred the lines between a high-end retail space and an art gallery.


Nothing short of mesmerizing, the new AF1 footwear was displayed on custom-built infinity mirror star pedestals, inspired by the AF1 aesthetic. Staying true to the sleek and minimalist art gallery design, our in-house engineers managed to power the star displays without laying a single power strip or extension cord—an impressive feat achieved by neatly hiding a car battery in the display’s interior.



photography by Dorothy Hong