N I K E   C O U R T  -  T E N N I S   S U 1 5 

  -  N i k e   L a b  -  2 1   M e r c e r,  N e w   Y o r k    |   2 0 1 5-


Inspiration can be found in many different places—but inspiration for our latest installation in New York’s NikeLab’s 21 Mercer and Dover St. Market came solely from iconic moments in the world of tennis and the athletes who made them possible. The influence of tennis on the installation’s design was anything but subtle; walking into the retail space was nothing short of stepping onto a premium, luxury tennis court.



Throughout the installation, custom display cases and tables accented with authentic nets and balls further played into the Nike Court design ethos. A beautiful illustration by artist Jason Polan served as a visual centerpiece on the installation’s walls—a piece of art celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nike’s timeless showdown between Agassi and Sampras on a busy Manhattan street. Furthermore, meticulously arranged tennis balls suspended from the ceiling served to impart a feeling of movement within the retail space, perfectly conveying the illusion of a ball mid-bounce.



photography by Thomas Schacht