J O R D A N   B R A N D   C L A S S I C 

      -  T e r m i n a l   2 3,   N e w Y o r k,   N Y   |   2 0 1 4  -


Enchanting, engaging, immersive—the only words to describe the feeling of stepping foot into the Jordan Brand Classics consumer space. Drawing inspiration from traditional NYC neighborhoods, the entire custom-built space was designed to re-create the atmosphere of an urban street scene. Consumers were magically transported to the Brooklyn or Harlem of yesterday while waiting in line at the King James full-service deli, or patiently waiting for a fresh haircut at KD’s barbershop.


Locally sourced, authentic vintage industrial equipment accentuated the space, while hand-painted signs and meticulous prop design further complemented the fully functional brick and brownstone storefronts, resulting in an unforgettable and authentic experience for consumers.