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   J O R D A N   P E A R L   P A V I L I O N  

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Fans have been literally stepping into Michael Jordan’s shoes for decades, but the Jordan Pearl Pavilion event took consumer immersion to the next level. To celebrate the 30th year of the iconic Air Jordan Franchise, satis&fy worked closely with Jordan Brand to create one of the most engaging and interactive consumer experiences of all time.


Jordan fans were given the opportunity to experience an all-star moment of their own by participating in an innovative and immersive digital experience known as the “Last Shot.” Clearly the highlight and centerpiece of this consumer experience, satis&fy created the futuristic court with 340 floor panels with 8mm LEDs (1,066,240 pixels/panel) and 560 wall panels with 3.9mm pixel pitch (9,175,040 pixel/panel)—totaling an astonishing 10 million pixel performance.

Whether consumers opted to replicate Jordan’s game-winning shot in the 1982 NCAA championship game or the final shot sealing the Bulls’ 1998 NBA championship victory, one thing is sure—they’ll never forget the sound of the crowd the day they stood in Jordan’s shoes.

photography by Dorothy Hong


All-Star:                      Pearl Pavillion Reveal

video by JORDAN             February 12th, 2015