N T N Y   -   K O B E   9   L A U N C H

-   N i k e T o w n,   N e w   Y o r k ,   N Y   |   2 0 1 4   -

Reminiscent of a museum or art gallery, the retail installation surrounding the launch of the Kobe 9 footwear was nothing short of epic.

The entire retail installation was accentuated with custom Kobe artwork, marble surfaces, and gold accents to complete the sleek, museum-like feel.



At the heart of the installation lies the Kobe 9 Masterpiece shoe, the center point of a 19’ vortex comprised entirely of hand-knitted FlyKnit fabric, carefully arranged to give the illusion of flight.

The snakeskin-like layers within the vortex reference the build materials and design of the shoe—a nod to the innovation behind the Kobe 9, and the Black Mamba himself.

photography by Dorothy Hong