L U N A R   E P I C   -   F L I Y K N I T

   -  N i k e T o w n   N e w Y o r k , N Y - U S A  |  2 0 1 6 -


From the building’s façade to the backdrops of merchandising tables, the seamless integration of LCD video technology into the clean, futuristic atmosphere of the retail space added another depth of dimension to the installation, taking consumer engagement to the next level and allowing for breathtaking visual transformations at the drop of a hat.



With a focus on cosmic imagery, the sights and sounds of the environment could only be described as immersive. From the custom display cases and light boxes spattered with glowing stars and brilliant lighting, to the eye-catching, mirrored surfaces surrounding concept boards from Nike designers themselves, it was impossible not to get lost in the atmosphere of the space.

photography by Dorothy Hong