NIKE SB WORLD TOUR

               - K a n s a s   C i t y,   P o r t l a n d,   N e w a r k   |   2 0 1 3  -

Drawing inspiration from street skateboarding culture, the team at satis&fy worked diligently to provide an authentic experience for the SLS Nike SB Tour that paid homage to the history of the sport and athletes that guide it. Working closely with Nike, we developed a custom-built roadshow expo suitable for travel, setup, and strike across various cities in the U.S.


Referencing authentic skate spots in material and composition, the expo was a unique way to tie branding with a unique, interactive consumer experience. Visitors felt at home amongst the curved, half-pipe inspired walls, as well as the raw steel structures mimicking handrails used for grinding.

A curated gallery wall was one of the key visual installations within the expo, designed to tell the story of over a decade’s worth of Nike Skateboarding history and showcase the evolution of footwear within the franchise. Amongst the various SB antiquities, visitors were able to catch a glimpse of some extremely rare Nike SB kicks—including a classic pair valued at $40,000.

photography by Misha Ashton-Moore